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    Eelko Neven

    In 2001 Eelko kickstarted his promising career as a Software Engineer at Fintrans where he became an expert in digitizing the insurance industry. When the company was bought by Centric he joined there Dataxchange department where he worked on several software projects like customs declarations software, subsidy software and telepresence solutions. Eelko’s everlasting urge to increase his technological knowledge and skill enabled him to solve countless problems for a wide array of companies as a young entrepreneur. Becoming a Master of Digital Security, Eelko discovered multiple leaks for big name enterprises like GE, Google and Twitter. Nowadays Eelko focuses on providing revolutionary solutions for businesses that seek to improve their IT department.

    Google – https://google.com

    Detected several issues in Googles keyhole.com servers


    GE – https://ge.com

    Eelko –
    Again, we would like to thank you for raising this concern. We took the
    application offline and would appreciate your confirmation that you can no longer access the information. We will also be working with Google to remove the data from their search results.

    Thanks again,